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Lumira and Design Studio – Converged

The recent SAP webinar have shed light on what’s going to happen in the near future. That’s right folks, both will be combined into a single tool. Is that good or bad? Depends on who you ask. Personally though, I felt that it’s high-time both tools is combined into a seamless integrated tools.

As we know, Design Studio is suited more for Custom Dashboard kind of reports, while Lumira excels in Self-Service ready-to-made easy template for Business Users. Both tools have its own strength and weakness. I prefer Lumira for the fast ‘adhoc’ report generation. However, it lacks the flexibility and customizability that comes with Design Studio.

Now, with both tools combined, we can expect that both tools will share the same extensions that’s available out there. This is a plus point. Developers can now concentrate on developing using a single framework, and it will be available for both Lumira and Design Studio. Also, with a single tool, Charts and Dashboarding elements can be reused either for Standard Dashboard or Self-Service kind of reports.

All in all, I look forward to see how SAP is going to pull this off. Of course, definitely they will be challenges especially in terms of backward compatibility. But as they say, the only constant in life is Change.


Jures Yahya
Operation Boss

“Loves BI to the core and dabbles with Node.js and Angular.js during his free time. Has a fat but adorable cat named ‘Zika’ who loves lazing around like Garfield.”

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